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29.11.16 10:16:13 - Recover your points!

How to recover your donations!

Only donations from July to November.
Recovery Email:

Send us the following information in order to retrieve your points:

• Your new account name.
• Full name of your paypal account.
• Email of your paypal account
• All the donations you made to us with date and transaction ID.
For example: ($15 - 28 october - 0E841146FL523681H)

Send us the following information in order to retrieve your points:

Donations by SMS (Cell phone)

• Your new account name
• The old account name and phone number with wich the donation was made.

Donations by Paysafecard | Credit Card | Direct

• Your new account name.
• The old account name with which the donation was made.

Envianos la siguiente informacion para confirmar tu donacion:

• Tu nueva account
• Cantidad depositada
• Numero de autorizacion
• Fecha y hora de el deposito.

En caso de que no tengas el ticket o el numero de autorizacion, envianos lo siguiente.

• Tu nueva account
• Cantidad depositada
• Fecha y hora del deposito (si no recuerdas, un aproximado)
• Nombre del chart, account, password (email y recovery si tenia) de el que recibio los puntos.
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